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47G and YouScience Launch Aerospace and Defense Industry Workforce Development Platform

47G, Utah's recently rebranded and reimagined ecosystem of aerospace, defense, and cyber security companies based in Salt Lake City, has partnered with American Fork-based education technology company, YouScience, to launch a new workforce development program based on YouScience's K-12 talent pipeline platform.

The partnership aims to connect emerging local talent with member organizations in the 47G network by using the new YouScience product, Employer Spotlight, an AI-driven aptitude career matching solution helping employers source ideal candidates. 

As national talent shortages make it harder for employers to find candidates for job openings, 47G is seeking ways to create smarter talent pipelines and more efficient recruiting processes for its member organizations in the aerospace, defense, and cybersecurity industries.

"Employer Spotlight helps us achieve our mission to foster talent by connecting our members with job seekers who have the relevant aptitudes and interests best suited for these highly sought-after careers," said Aaron Starks, President and CEO at 47G.

"Through our partnership with YouScience, we have created an effective, long-term solution that helps to address the workforce shortages in Utah's aerospace, defense and cyber industries," continued Starks. 

Through Employer Spotlight, member organizations can present their company information and career opportunities—including work-based learning programs, internships, apprenticeships, and entry-level job openings—to students with the aptitudes the organization is looking to hire. In coordination with this effort, all local Utah schools have access to YouScience Aptitude & Career Discovery, where students can take an award-winning, scientifically-backed aptitude assessment to discover their natural talents, interests, and get best-fit career opportunities.

The 47G-YouScience collaboration aims for 47G member organizations to achieve the following by utilizing YouScience Employer Spotlight:

  • Find emerging talent with the aptitudes and interests best suited to aerospace and defense careers.
  • Tap into a talent pipeline that is local and prepared with the skills needed to fill crucial roles.
  • Create an effective and efficient recruiting ecosystem that enhances current strategies.
  • Build deeper relationships with local schools and communities.
  • Advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in hiring practices.
  • Put aerospace and defense career information in contextually relevant places to ensure aptitude and interest matches have visibility to opportunities.
  • First right of refusal to emerging talent.
  • The pilot program is available to more than 100 member organizations and 20 academic institutions in the 47G network.

"I am excited about this initiative for my organization and our industry as a whole," said Sean Slatter, CEO of LSI. "Utah has had a talent shortage for years. 47G is taking actionable steps to make sure we have the resources we need to thrive today, five years from now, and the years to come."

YouScience Co-Founder and CEO, Edson Barton, shared the importance of bridging education and industry to ensure the long-term prosperity and economic growth of Utah's economy. "To fix the talent pipeline problem, businesses need to approach it differently; they need to connect with emerging talent sooner, foster these relationships, and build ecosystems where talent comes to them. The industries that do that will win, and the ones who don't will be left behind. At the same time, we're not just empowering businesses—we're making sure every student has the opportunity for a successful future. This bolsters both opportunities for our students and ensures local businesses have individuals with the skills we need in our communities for years to come."

For more information about YouScience, see the July 15, 2023 TechBuzz coverage of the company and its key milestone of having delivered one million high school student certifications in a year.

See TechBuzz News' coverage of 47G's ceremonial kick off on October 12, 2023.

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