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Humless Receives UL Certification

Humless, a Lindon, Utah-based energy storage company has been awarded Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 9540 certification for its redesigned and expandable Universal 6kW System, a streamlined hybrid inverter system for energy storage.

The system includes the Humless AC/DC coupled, UL listed hybrid inverter in combination with Humless 5kWh Lithium-Iron Phosphate batteries (rackmount or flat wall mount). The Humless inverter may be installed as a solar inverter with the option of adding batteries later. Outdoor IP65 rated waterproof batteries are available. The redesign results in major cost savings for consumers and is available immediately. 

“We are very pleased to offer consumers the most advanced energy storage system that leapfrogs competing products that don’t yet have UL certification, states Glenn Jakins, Humless CEO. “On top of this, the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act extends the revived 30 percent tax credit to energy storage, with or without solar panels. We can deliver this technology today.” 

Before the Inflation Reduction Act, installation of solar panels had to accompany energy storage to receive storage tax credit. New home energy storage systems now qualify for up to 30 percent tax credit as a standalone service. This change allows homeowners to approach energy independence in a tiered approach. They can install the Humless Universal energy storage system [inverter plus batteries] now and add solar panels later—or visa versa. Both approaches qualify for the extended tax credit. 

Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFEPO4) technology integrated in all Humless batteries uses no rare earth elements, is earth friendly, chemically stable, requires less energy in mining and processing, and has a longer life without the memory problems troubling lead-acid batteries. 

Humless Universal was first to combine simultaneous AC and DC Coupling, Multi-level Reticulation, Load Shifting, Power Shaving, and a Charge Controller into a single box, according to the company. This combination is said to provide intelligent energy management for customers’ power needs, lowers electrical costs, and extends battery life.

The new Humless energy storage systemm results in major cost savings for consumers, says the company. The Universal 6kW system is available immediately. 

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