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Silicon Slopes Launches The Post

Under the new leadership of Elle Griffin, former editor-in-chief of Utah Business, Silicon Slopes has launched The Post, a subscription-based, newsletter collective consisting of five newsletters each week. Each installment of The Post will provide readers the opportunity to follow four writers covering five ongoing themes:

  • New Capitalism (Mondays) — Better business can save the world. By Elle Griffin (new Editor-in-Chief of The Post)
  • Tech(ish) (Tuesdays) — Breaking down the tech shaping our future. By Emily Fonnesbeck (Writer and Editor at Silicon Slopes)
  • Serious Business (Wednesdays) — Irreverent thoughts about work. By Chris Rawle (Writer for The Post and Silicon Slopes)
  • The Utahn (Thursdays) — The future of Utah. By Clint Betts (CEO, Silicon Slopes)
  • Post Modern (Fridays) — Contemplating the future we want to create. A podcast by Elle Griffin

Griffin told TechBuzz recently that the thinking behind the newsletter collective is to allow "readers to follow a person, not a brand. Readers just choose the writers they want to read, and subscribe to or unsubscribe as they wish." The Post is using Substack as its publishing platform. Substack is an online platform based in San Francisco and founded in 2017. According to its website, "it lets independent writers and podcasters publish directly to their audience and get paid through subscriptions."

As a Substack-based publication, The Post is user-supported. During the opening month of March it is offering readers a 20% discount. In March readers can subscribe for $160 per year (normally $200), or pay on a monthly basis for $25/mo. Subscribers who sign up in March receive the discounted rate and a stylish tote bag.

Griffin says the newsletter collective’s writers are “very future oriented.” During the first week of publication The Post will serve up a virtual summit featuring Substack authors from outside of the state publishing on future oriented topics:

  • Monday, March 6: The future of media — Sophia Efthimiatou, head of publisher relations for Substack (New York), believes we’re in the middle of a seismic shift for the media industry. People just don’t follow brands anymore, they follow people, she says. As a result, large media conglomerates are rapidly losing readers as social media profiles gain followers. Sophia will be discussing what the future of the media will look like.
  • Tuesday, March 7: The future of work — Jason Crawford, author of The Roots of Progress (San Francisco), will be speaking about the history, present, and future of work and leisure. It will look at how work has changed over the last 200 years, the decline in working hours and the rise of leisure hours, the shift from blue-collar to white-collar work, the dream of liking one's work, and the future of work.
  • Wednesday, March 8: The future of technology—Jasmine Sun, author of Reboot (San Francisco), will be talking about the history and future of techno-optimist movements. It will discuss the role tech criticism plays in contributing (or not) to progress—plus what it means for tech criticism to be generative vs. destructive.
  • Thursday, March 9: The future of the internet—Deepti Doshi, co-director of New_ Public, will speak about the future of the internet. She will discuss the digital spaces needed for a better future, and how community entrepreneurs can use online architecture—like Facebook groups—to build healthy democratic communities within smaller decentralized platforms.
  • Friday, March 10: The future of intergalactic travel—Tomás Pueyo, author of Uncharted Territories (France), thinks there are parallels between the colonial era and the space era. He’ll discuss the length of trips, the time it all will take, and the economics behind both eras "to learn from the past and use that knowlede to predict the future of intergalactic space travel and discovery."

Paid subscribers to The Post receive access to subscriber-only content and events, as well as the ability to comment and join with a community of readers.

Founding subscribers gain exclusive access to in-person speakeasy at Silicon Slopes Summit. The first founder’s event will be on Wednesday, September 27th, 2023. All writers will attend this event.

Founding members also receive an annual, collector’s print edition of The Post—a curated collection of selected posts over the previous year delivered at the end of the year.

Visit The Post's website for more information or to subscribe.

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