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Tava Health Raises $10 Million Series A

On December 9th, 2021 Tava Health, a Lehi based healthcare startup, announced it has raised a $10M series A investment. The round was led by Rose Park Advisors, based in Boston, with participation from Peterson Partners, which invested in the company's seed round. Other Series A investors include: Toba Capital from Newport Beach, Contrary Capital from San Francisco, SaaS Ventures from Washington D.C. and SpringTide Investments, which recently established an office in Utah having recently invested in other Utah-based healthcare startups, PathologyWatch of Salt Lake City and Tula Health of Farmington.

The funds will be used to continue Tava Health’s mission to provide quality, online mental healthcare services for employees everywhere. 

Tava Health was founded in 2019 by Dallen Allred, Cami Allred, Jason Ockey, and Spencer Gardner. The healthcare platform partners with employers to provide employees with high quality mental healthcare resources and benefits. 

“Most people are touched, either directly or indirectly, by mental-health issues," says CEO and co founder, Dallen Allred. "Our mission is to make therapy as normal as going to the dentist. There is no stigma around getting your teeth cleaned, and if employers make accessing a therapist as easy as they have dentists then we think that mainstreaming will do more to eradicate the stigma around mental health treatment than anything else an employer can invest in.”

Tava Health is focused on  the benefits of online therapy and mental health guidance. Tava has gathered statistically significant evidence that employees that engage with their platform are 63% less likely to leave their employer. “Deploying Tava demonstrates to your team members that you care about them in a unique way,” says Allred. “We are similarly proud of  the data we’ve gathered demonstrating that 53% of those that are meeting with a therapist on our platform would not have undertaken meeting with a therapist without access to Tava.”

Covid-19 has underscored the importance of mental health issues. Tava Health is bringing this awareness to employers, enabling them to help each team get the care they need. “Good health is good business,” so declares Tava's tagline.

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