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 Offers Utahns Plentiful Internet Options

April 17, 2024, Draper, Utah

By Sage Singleton,

More than 95% of Americans use the internet daily. It’s no longer a futuristic luxury but a necessary utility. Just like water, gas, and electricity, we need high-speed internet to connect with others, consume content and information, make purchases, pay bills, and conduct business. It is an integral part of modern life. 

So, in an internet-driven world, it only makes sense that a digitally savvy shopper will conduct initial online research and comparison shop before making a purchase. A recent survey found that 70% of people think that affordable internet is “essential.”

But with the expansion of internet infrastructure types (think 5G, cable, fiber, or satellite) and the rising costs associated with each, it can be difficult to know which internet service provider (ISP) and package fits your unique needs and how to pick the right one. 

And let’s face it, while we love the internet, it’s not an expense we love to pay for. Data shows that the average person will spend upwards of $58,000 in their lifetime on internet bills alone. Utahns are averaging $69.01 a month on their internet bills, which is slightly less than the national monthly average of $81 a month. 

Enter, a company that is dedicated to helping consumers find and compare internet options in their area. Owned by Draper, Utah-based Clearlink, it is visited by over 117,000 Utahns and 21 million US users each year who need support and recommendations for internet services. With more than 1,600 ISPs in its database, gives people in the market for internet the power to choose the right provider for the right price point. 

The rise of comparison shopping

Comparison shopping allows people to compare prices, contrast features, read reviews, and generally gain a better understanding of what’s on the market from a variety of providers. 

Studies show that consumers who comparison shop are 1.3x more likely to make a purchase, according to data from Google, compared to those who did not use a comparison website as their first shopping touchpoint. Brands like Expedia or Trivago have cornered the market on comparison travel shopping because users want the best deals and the least amount of stress when booking a vacation.

But what about comparing telecom services like mobile and internet before making a purchase? Granted, these purchases aren’t as fun as a vacation to the Maldives, but they are used more frequently, cost a pretty penny each month, and often require a year-long contract. Are people doing their due diligence before signing up with an ISP?  

In the same study that looked at consumer shopping habits, results showed that people are 1.7x more likely to make a purchase from a telecom brand on a comparison site, according to the same Google study.  

The state of internet in Utah

With several globally-recognized technology companies headquartered here, Silicon Slopes is widely known as the tech center of Utah. While our state has room to improve, we do have some impressive stats to boast when it comes to internet connectivity.’s proprietary data shows that:

  • 84% of households have a broadband internet subscription
  • 96% of Utahns say that the advertised speeds from their service providers meet their household needs
  • 76% of the Utah population has access to fiber internet, arguably the fastest internet type available 
  • 82% have access to 5G home internet services
  • 85% have access to fixed wireless internet
  • 90% have access to cable internet services
  • 87% have access to DSL 
  • 96% have access to satellite internet

Unlike electricity or gas companies where you generally have limited (if any) options, there are at least 48 internet service providers to choose from in Utah and 97% of households have at least three options to choose from. But few people know that. And that is exactly why exists—to help people research their internet needs and find their next internet service provider. 

If you've ever been disappointed with the performance of your internet connection, frustrated by the cost of your monthly bill, or simply curious about how the internet works, has experts that can help you learn what you need to have a better online experience. And if you're thinking about looking for a new internet provider, we can help with that, too.


Sage Singleton is a Utah-based writer and marketing professional at Clearlink, based in Draper, Utah. She loves researching new topics, interviewing sources, and crafting content that has the potential to help people in their day-to-day lives. Her work has been published by a variety of publications and covers topics ranging from home automation and tech to real estate, finance, and parenting.

Singleton holds a B.A. in Communication from Westminster College

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