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Lampooning Utah Tech: An Interview With Hold My Fry Sauce

PEOPLE & CULTURE - May 17, 2021

Recently at the TechBuzz office, another cofounder introduced me to the work of "Hold My Fry Sauce",  an Instagrammer satirizing the Ut... Read More

Filtering Lives On with the New VidAngel

PEOPLE & CULTURE - May 13, 2021

Many in Utah will know the name of VidAngel. The company made a name for itself with a streaming service to filter Hollywood media of any vulgarity, sex, or vio... Read More

Why Utah's Brandon Fugal Bought an Otherworldly Ranch, and What He's Seen There: Part 2

PEOPLE & CULTURE - May 04, 2021

Header Image: Brandon Fugal with costar Thomas Winterton of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. Season two premiers today, Tuesday May 4th at 10/9c on The HISTOR... Read More

Why Utah's Brandon Fugal Bought an Otherworldly Ranch, and What He's Seen There: Part 1

PEOPLE & CULTURE - May 03, 2021

Header Image: Brandon Fugal with a trimeter, an investigative tool used on The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. Season two premiers Tuesday May 4th at 10/9... Read More

MX Raises $300 Million; Nate Gardner Discusses Funding Round

PEOPLE & CULTURE - April 22, 2021

On January 13, 2021, MX raised $300 million in Series C funding—the largest investment round in Utah history. This fourth fundraising round has increased ... Read More

Raising the (Emotional) Tide: How SchoolPulse is Helping Students Open Up

PEOPLE & CULTURE - April 15, 2021

In 2017 at Desert Hills High School in Saint George Utah, two students died by suicide. The death of any young person is a tragedy, and throughly moreso when th... Read More

$85K for Burritos; A Retrospective on Bitcoin Spent in 2013

PEOPLE & CULTURE - April 05, 2021

Editor's Note: This piece represents personal opinion and personal experience. It does not in any way constitute financial advice. TechBuzz News and its au... Read More

Women Tech Council recognizes Intermountian Healthcare Operator, Seraphine Kapsandoy-Jones

PEOPLE & CULTURE - March 19, 2021

The Women Tech Council (WTC) has awarded Seraphine Kapsandoy-Jones with the Operational Excellence award. Kapsandoy-Jones is the Chief Clinical Information Offi... Read More

The Data to Address Criminal Justice: How Recidiviz Reduces Prison Time, Cost, and Recurrence

PEOPLE & CULTURE - March 18, 2021

The United States incarcerates more people per capita than any other country in the world. By gross numbers, America has hundreds of thousands more prisoners th... Read More

Seattle Venture Firm Hires John Torrey of Qualtrics - And He Has His Eye on Utah Tech Companies

PEOPLE & CULTURE - March 08, 2021

Seattle-based Madrona Venture Group has hired John Torrey as a Venture Partner to source new deals for the firm’s new Acceleration Fund II that was announ... Read More

Women Tech Council Awards Wendy Steinle with Leadership Excellence Award

PEOPLE & CULTURE - March 05, 2021

The Women Tech Council (WTC) has awarded Adobe Senior Director Wendy Steinle with the Leadership Excellence award. Steinle is Head of Adobe Experience League an... Read More

KLYP Launches Beauty Services App

PEOPLE & CULTURE - February 22, 2021

KLYP based in Salt Lake City has launched their app for stylists of all kinds. Steven Sylvester, founder and CEO, describes KLYP as “a cosmetology service... Read More

Women Tech Council Recognizes Zions Innovator

PEOPLE & CULTURE - February 19, 2021

On October 28th, the Women Tech Council hosted the 13th Annual Women Tech awards at Thanksgiving Point. While much has changed around the world from the 12th co... Read More

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