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Invest In Your Startup Culture

PEOPLE & CULTURE - October 01, 2020

How to invest in culture from day one of your startup One of the most challenging parts of launching a startup is not only building a great product, but... Read More

Snow College Offers Free Job Training to COVID Impacted Utahns

TECH NEWS - September 07, 2020

Available to Utah residents who are U.S. citizens, whose job, or family member's job, has been affected by COVID-19 Full (100%) tuition assistance (aka... Read More

Facing Pandemic, JetDental Pivots from Office Calls to Home Visits

PEOPLE & CULTURE - August 21, 2020

At the beginning of 2020, Lehi based JetDental was looking forward to record-breaking sales. Month over month, if they simply kept on pace, they’d break r... Read More

Room Here Launches with Guinness World Record

STARTUP LIFE - August 18, 2020

Virtually every entrepreneur feels the strain of propelling a career, balancing ambition with burnout, navigating workplace relationships, and juggling all of t... Read More

Building an HR Department for Scale the Right Way

PEOPLE & CULTURE - August 16, 2020

In my 15 years in HR, I’ve had the opportunity to create the first HR function with three different companies.  Being that first HR person in a scali... Read More

Company Culture: It's Not Nice to be Nice

PEOPLE & CULTURE - August 15, 2020

In the last five years, we have seen a growing trend of companies recognizing that solid company culture has a direct correlation to the top and bottom line of ... Read More

Job Search 101: How to Land Your Next Gig in a Tough Job Market

PEOPLE & CULTURE - August 03, 2020

No one ever said, "Boy, I love looking for a new job!" But here you are, looking for a job in a tough market. The first thing I will say to you as you... Read More


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