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Water Cooler Talk Is Gone. Don’t Let Company Culture Go With It.

PEOPLE & CULTURE - October 26, 2020

Just like almost everyone else with an office job, the company told us to head home and plan on working there for two weeks. Two weeks blurred into months and t... Read More

Invest In Your Startup Culture

PEOPLE & CULTURE - October 01, 2020

How to invest in culture from day one of your startup One of the most challenging parts of launching a startup is not only building a great product, but... Read More

Snow College Offers Free Job Training to COVID Impacted Utahns

TECH NEWS - September 07, 2020

Available to Utah residents who are U.S. citizens, whose job, or family member's job, has been affected by COVID-19 Full (100%) tuition assistance (aka... Read More

Facing Pandemic, JetDental Pivots from Office Calls to Home Visits

PEOPLE & CULTURE - August 21, 2020

At the beginning of 2020, Lehi based JetDental was looking forward to record-breaking sales. Month over month, if they simply kept on pace, they’d break r... Read More

Volley Disrupts Disruptive Meetings with Team Video App

TECH NEWS - August 19, 2020

The strange days of 2020 have almost every office-dweller working from home, which is great news for remote tools like Zoom and Slack. But when there’s no... Read More

Room Here Launches with Guinness World Record

STARTUP LIFE - August 18, 2020

Virtually every entrepreneur feels the strain of propelling a career, balancing ambition with burnout, navigating workplace relationships, and juggling all of t... Read More

Building an HR Department for Scale the Right Way

PEOPLE & CULTURE - August 16, 2020

In my 15 years in HR, I’ve had the opportunity to create the first HR function with three different companies.  Being that first HR person in a scali... Read More

Company Culture: It's Not Nice to be Nice

PEOPLE & CULTURE - August 15, 2020

In the last five years, we have seen a growing trend of companies recognizing that solid company culture has a direct correlation to the top and bottom line of ... Read More

Job Search 101: How to Land Your Next Gig in a Tough Job Market

PEOPLE & CULTURE - August 03, 2020

No one ever said, "Boy, I love looking for a new job!" But here you are, looking for a job in a tough market. The first thing I will say to you as you... Read More


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