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Vant4ge Offers Corrections Agencies a Tech Platform to Save States and Counties Money and to Prevent COVID-19 Spread

TECH NEWS - January 12, 2021

Vant4ge is a Utah-based criminal justice tech company that is revolutionizing corrections care. Having partnered with more than 100 correctional departments, ag... Read More

Airborne ECS Rebrands as Intergalactic - Bolsters St. George as a Burgeoning Aerospace Hub

TECH NEWS - January 07, 2021

Breaking into the aerospace industry for a startup is not for the faint of heart. Barriers to entry are formidable and the runway to get into production is long... Read More

$5+ Billion in Exits for Mercato Portfolio in 2020

TECH NEWS - December 30, 2020

For Mercato Partners, the Cottonwood Heights, Utah-based investment firm, 2020 has been a heckuva year. Since its founding in 2007 it has made 28 investments. T... Read More Launches From Beehive Startups Founder

TECH NEWS - December 15, 2020

Clint Betts, known in the Utah business and technology scene as the founder of Beehive Startups and CEO of Silicon Slopes, launched a new venture last week. ... Read More

Everee Paves The Way for 21st Century Payroll Practices

TECH NEWS - December 07, 2020

Everee receives $10 million Series A funding from Origin Ventures and Signal Peak Ventures Everee is disrupting the American payroll indu... Read More

Parent Playbook Provides Resources for Parents

TECH NEWS - December 04, 2020

Parents face many challenges as they guide their children and try to solve myriad problems of childhood and youth – physical, emotional, mental ... Read More

Vize Labs Comes to Utah

TECH NEWS - November 24, 2020

Canada-based start-up Vize Labs announced their launch into the US Market. The company has established an office in South Jordan, Utah. “We set up an offi... Read More

Ready2Teach Solves the Substitute Teacher Problem

TECH NEWS - November 23, 2020

A big problem in K-12 education is the difficulty and inefficiency experienced by schools in finding substitute teachers. When a school needs to fill the spot o... Read More

2020: $30+ Billion in Exits...So Far

TECH NEWS - November 20, 2020

These are unique times. 2020 has been a surreal year. The world is gripped by an pandemic that most people thought (hoped) would be abating by now. More an... Read More

Skill Struck Innovates Coding Instruction for Kids

TECH NEWS - November 19, 2020

School districts across the country, especially in rural areas, struggle with finding and retaining competent computer science teachers. During the pandemic it ... Read More

Dsco Rocks It with an Acquisition by CommerceHub

TECH NEWS - November 16, 2020

CommerceHub announced today its acquisition of Dsco which is now a wholly owned subsidiary of CommerceHub, based in Albany NY. While specific deal ter... Read More

Motivosity Answers Manager's Needs During Pandemic

TECH NEWS - November 11, 2020

Motivosity’s latest release changes the way managers lead their teams through the pandemic. As the pandemic drags on, managers are faced with finding n... Read More

Adobe Announces Intent to Acquire Workfront for $1.5 Billion

TECH NEWS - November 10, 2020

Adobe announced Monday its intent to acquire Lehi-based Workfront for $1.5 billion. The deal is expected to finalize in the beginning of 2021 assuming no proble... Read More


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